Volunteer Spotlight

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In this regular feature, St. Pauls House celebrates volunteers who bring the very best of community with them in serving/sharing with others.

Greetings to all our friends at St. Pauls House!

VolunteersWhy do we volunteer at St. Pauls House? It all started many years ago when a fellow member of St. Pauls church who had served on the board at St. Pauls House did a large favor for us at no charge. When we insisted on paying him he said simply “take care of the folks at St. Pauls House.” Shortly there after Bill became a board member and I attended volunteer meetings and helped with birthday parties. Bill, then a member of St. Pauls Church chancel choir, arranged for summer music during church services at St. Pauls House. After a few years our available time dwindled as we worked, welcomed a Grandchild and lived too many miles away. In recent years our Grandchild no longer needs a babysitter, we have both retired and although we still live too many miles away we have more available time and find that we enjoy making new friends at St. Pauls House. With Kelly as activities director there are so many interesting things for the residents to do and all it requires is a few people to help. We are fortunate that our health still permits us to push a wheel chair or sell raffle tickets at the fundraiser and we rejoice at the chance to be of service to others. It is an exciting time at St. Pauls House and we are happy to be part of it.

– Bill and Cheryl Kennedy

There are many opportunities for volunteers to contribute toward vibrant, grace-filled living at St. Pauls House. Please call (773) 478-4222 to learn more!