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St. Pauls House and the Lutheran Life Communities Foundation

Greetings from the Foundation at St. Pauls House!

To fully appreciate the journey of St Pauls House, one has to go back to where it all began. St. Pauls House was born of a sermon. This sermon was preached by Rev. R. A. John, then the Pastor of St. Pauls Church, on Sunday, February 25, 1906. The subject was “Christ’s Poverty, Our Riches.”

It was shown that the Lord, in the poverty of His earthly life, gave not only bread to the hungry and aid to the helpless, but also spiritual comfort, consolation, peace of mind and strength of heart to them who were poor in the spirit.

Jesus gave not only His life to mankind, but His spirit, His very soul. And so His disciples of today must not only DO as He did, but THINK as He did. The true imitation of Christ is not dictated by deed alone, but, first of all, by the thought which inspires the deed, by the SPIRIT.

Built in 1921, St. Pauls House has served the needs of its residents in a spirit of faithful service and loving compassion for others. The campus could not have survived without the many donors and families, who, having benefitted from the care they received or became a living witness to the SPIRIT from St. Pauls Church, answered that call of service to others.

Today St. Pauls House sails on this faithful journey as a Lutheran Life Community, empowering vibrant, grace-filled living across all generations. The senior living community’s presence on the northside of Chicago is invaluable to the community-at-large and neighboring  churches, who seek a faith-based nonprofit approach in caring for the needs of its people.

Your investment in St. Pauls House, be it as a volunteer or  whether through an outright cash gift, gift of stock, gift annuity or estate gift, is participation in our mission to preserve the  rights and dignity of each of those whom  we serve.

As we journey on this earth, it is comforting to know that there is a place like St. Pauls House that we can call home someday. For we are only minding it for the next generation to come.

Please join us on this journey of faithful service.

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